Fat reducing Tea


Product name: fat reducing tea  ingredients: gynostemma pentaphyllum, lotus leaf, Polygonum multiflori, green tea, Cassia seed. Brewing method: take a tea bag into the cup, pour in 250ml ℃ hot water, wait 3 minutes to gently shake the tea bag, take out the tea bag can be enjoyed, can be reused. Net content: 40 g (2 g / bag x 20 bags) effective period: see packing product implementation standard: DB52 / T 943 / 2014 food production license number: SC11433078200018 manufacturer: Sun Home Technology Co.,Ltd matters needing attention: infants, lactating women, pregnant women should not eat storage conditions: in cool and dry, not exposed to sunlight, suitable for people with dyslipidemia. Fatty liver people, lipid metabolism disorders and people with hypertension, hyperglycemia, obese people with excessive fat, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, constipation, insomnia, weak and multiple diseases, low immunity, smoking, drinking and socializing too much.