Wormwood Tea


Product name: wormwood tea ingredients: take out the tea bag can be enjoyed, can be reused. Net content: 50g (2.5g / bag x 20 bags) effective period: see packing product implementation standard: DB52 / T 943 / 2014 food production license number: SC11433078200018 manufacturer: Sun Home Technology Co.,Ltd matters needing attention: Yin deficiency and blood heat, especially those with chest upset heat, dry mouth and throat, irritating qi, dry urine and yellow stool, etc., should be used with caution or less. Pregnant women should drink storage conditions under the guidance of doctors: cool and dry, free from sunlight, the effect and effect of wormwood tea warm and dissipate cold, relieve pain. Used in women for menstrual abdominal pain, postpartum cold abdominal pain and so on. Used for cold stomach pain. Can also be used for constipation, defecation is not smooth. The brewing method of Euphorbia pulcherrima tea is put into the teapot, brewed with boiling water, the first soup can pour out the tea for 10 to 15 seconds, and then prolong the soaking time in turn, but not for a long time, it can be brewed 4 times continuously for 6 times. The taste of the tea is the best, and the aroma of the wormwood tea is rich. 3, it is best to use glass tea set, followed by ceramic tea set 4, Aicao tea soup golden color, rich clear, full and round taste, back sweet, elegant flavor. 5. Wormwood tea can be brewed alone or with green tea, black tea or scented tea.