Liquid calcium D soft capsule


Liquid calcium D soft capsule 

(liquid calcium) (strengthening physical fitness with good bones, good absorption effect of calcium supplement with D)

Features of product:

Soft Capsule is based on deep-sea oyster shells as the main raw material, and passes through high-temperature calcination at 1200 degrees, its calcium carbonate content is above 99%, VD3 is added particularly, thereby effectively improving the absorption of calcium, it passes through fine powder processing, the fineness reaches 800 mesh or more, and it exists in milky liquid form, thereby solving the problem of difficult solubility of calcium preparations, thereby it is easier to absorb.

Main functions:

1. It can strengthen bones and teeth, increase bone density, prevent osteoporosis, fractures, osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis.

2. It can maintain acid-base balance, regulate body pH, improve fatigue, and enhance physical fitness.

3. It can improve adult insomnia, forgetfulness, dreams, joint damage, back pain, leg and foot cramps.

3. It can release stress, relieve work fatigue, and help to regulate blood pressure and arteriosclerosis.

4. It can promote recovery after surgery, sprains and fracture, prevent aged rickets, and rickets hump.

5. It can prevent high blood pressure, coronary heart disease, cancer and other diseases caused by calcium deficiency.

6. It is suitable for people with easy fatigue, numbness, and height increase; especially for pregnant women for calcium replenishing.

Suitable for: Adults with need of replenishing calcium and vitamin D

Edible method: Once a day and two capsules once;