Maca Coffee


Net content of maca coffee solid beverage: 200g (10g × 20 bags) 

[product name] maca coffee solid beverage 

[product type] solid beverage 

[mixture] maca powder, black coffee powder, glucose, skim milk powder, pupa wormwood powder, plant fat powder, maltodextrin, ginseng (artificial planting for less than 5 years) extract, Lycium barbarum extract, sugar, zinc gluconate, magnesium sulfate, Vitamin E, vitamin B6

[product specification] 10g × 20 bags 

[shelf life] 24 months 

[storage condition] seal, keep 

[production date and batch number] in cool and dry place, see outer packing 

[edible method and dosage] to import 10g product into the cup, Mix with 120ml hot water and drink, 2 bags a day. Ginseng (less than 5 years of artificial cultivation) ≤ 3g/ days; Maca ≤ 25g/ days 

[unsuitable population] ginseng (artificial cultivation for less than 5 years): infants, pregnant women, lactating women and children under 14 years of age should not eat; maca: infants, lactating women, pregnant women should not eat; Cordyceps militaris: infants and young children and those who eat fungal allergies are not suitable for consumption.

Project per 100g nrv% energy 1804kj 21% protein 11.0g 18% fat 12.0g 5% trans fatty acid 0g carbohydrate 690g 23% sodium 110mg 6% vitamin e 10.7mg α-te 76% vitamin b6 2.00mg 143% magnesium 200mg 67% zinc 11.00mg 73%