Aloe soft capsule


Aloe soft capsule (Toxicant elimination, beautifying, gastrointestinal regulation and anti-disease)

Features of product:

This product adopt American Curacao aloe fresh leaves, and is prepared through ultra-low temperature freezing extraction technology, thereby ensuring the activity of freeze-dried powder of aloe, it has high content and is rich in aloin, organic acids, vitamins, minerals, proteins, active enzymes and amino acids.

Main functions:

1. It can regulate gastrointestinal function, increase gastrointestinal motility, purge intestines, clean heat, remove anger, and accelerate fat catabolism.

2. It can nourish and keep moisture, promote skin metabolism, reduce hyperpigmentation, whiten, and remove acne (oral taking plus external usel).

3. It can improve bad breath, mouth pain, indigestion, bloating, and oral ulcers symptoms due to frequent heat;

4. It can resist sunscreen and UV, activate cells, nourish and whiten skin for keeping moisture of skin;

5. It can clean liver heat, purify the blood, and eliminate toxins on organ;

6. It has sterilization and detoxification effects on burns, scalds, comedo and acne;

Suitable for: People with need of toxicant elimination, skin whitening and acne elimination, people with splash, people with poor gastrointestinal function, constipation, and patients with astriction and acne.

Edible method: Twice a day and one capsule once;