Protein powder solid beverage


Protein powder solid beverage


1. It has anti-bacterial and anti-viral functions, and can regulate immune function and resist oxidation;

2. It can regulate blood fat, lower cholesterol, and prevent atherosclerosis;

3. It can maintain bone development and health, strength muscles, increase strength, and improve movement effect;

4. It can improve mental outlook and improve working and learning efficiency;

5. It can resist tumors;

6. It can promote lipolysis, inhibit the production of hunger, and achieve weight control purposes;

7. It can reduce skin wrinkles and aging, and promote wound healing;

8. It can provide nutrition food like breast milk for the baby.

Recommended edible groups:

1. Infants, children and adolescents during growth and development;

2. Adults with lack of energy and easy fatigue;

3. Pregnant women, the elderly, people with diet weight loss and athletes with the need of extra protein;

4. People with physical weakness and poor resistance;

5. People with malnutrition, blood deficiency and partial eclipse.

Edible method: The whey protein powder is placed into the empty cup, and added with a small amount of cold water for mixing into a paste state according to own needs, appropriate amount of 40 -60 warm water is added according to amount of eating, the paste is mixed until complete disseverment, and then it can be taken.

 [product type] protein solid beverage 

[specification] 20g/ bag × 20 bag 

[net content] 400g

 [ingredient] soybean protein isolate powder, soybean milk powder, maltodextrin, vegetable fat powder, milk powder, food additive [sodium caseate, emulsifier (471, stabilizer (340ii)], inulin, sucralose, Edible flavor soybean protein isolate powder: soybean milk powder = 40:35 

[consumption limit] 400g/ days; Inulin 15g/ day [amount of food and method of consumption] 1 times a day, 1 bag at a time. Put this product into the cup, add an appropriate amount of warm and boiling water and stir well, then drink it. Please eat it immediately after opening the bag. 

[storage method] sealed, placed in a cool and dry place, room temperature preservation 

[unsuitable for people] allergic physique should not eat 

[allergen information] containing soybean products 

[shelf life] 24 months