Grape seed soybean extract soft capsule


Grape seed soybean extract soft capsule (oral cosmetics, cell shower gel)

Features of product:

This product adopts red grape seed with unique French variety from Changyu Winery in Yantai of China, and is distilled through dissolution and carbon dioxide extraction technology. The active ingredient (OPC) is as high as 95%, grape seed extract's antioxidant effect is 30 to 50 times of vitamin C and vitamin E.

Main functions:

1. It has super antioxidant performance, and can scavenge free radicals, prevent skin aging, inhibit senile plaques, and prevent wrinkles.

2. It can reduce hyperpigmentation, and white skin;

3. It can enhance collagen fibers of the blood vessel wall, thereby making blood vessels tough and flexible, and it can improve poor venous circulation.

4. It can blood vessel of brain and heart, assist the treatment of heart disease, diabetes, varicose veins, phlebitis and arthritis, and can remove inflammatory and swelling, make brain and eyesight clear, protect the retina, promote trauma sprains, and help for repairing joint tendon.

5. It can effectively inhibit UV damage to the skin, is a natural sun shelter, and can reduce melanin deposition and the occurrence of dermatitis, repair damaged collagen and elastic fibers.

6. It can prompt healing of a variety of skin wounds and scars back to normal state.

Suitable for: Adult women with chloasma;

Unsuitable for: children, pregnant and lactating women

Edible method:

Health care dosage: Twice a day and one capsule once;

Dosage for medium degree or above: Twice a day and two capsules once;