Propolis soft capsule


Propolis soft capsule (natural antibiotic, and natural immunostimulants and virus invasion)

Features of product:

This product adopts Northeast Black Bee propolis and propolis in Brazil through mixture, it adopts the world's most advanced "purification conservation method" to better preserve propolis active ingredients, water-soluble technology is adopted for intensive processing, thereby fully guaranteeing the effective absorption by the body.

Main functions:

1. It is protection god of patients with diabetes, propolis can lower blood sugar, repair damaged islet cells, protect the nervous system, has the function of circulating blood, lowering blood fat, resisting bacterial, deliminishing inflammatory, anti-itch, anesthetic, and promoting tissue regeneration.

2. It can regulate immune function, and enhance the body's resistance to disease and healing power after illness.

3. It can resist itching and swelling, and has effect on psoriasis and atopic dermatitis.

4. It can resist oxidation and aging, eliminate free radicals, beautify, and dilute the stain.

5. It can eliminate toxins in the body, and prevent melasma, whelk, comedo, and acne caused by toxins in the body or constipation.

6. It can soften blood vessel, purify blood, and prevent heart disease, cerebral thrombosis, cerebral infarction, cerebral apoplexy, stroke and other diseases.

7. It can regulate blood sugar in two-way, prevent diabetes, and has prominent auxiliary treatment effect on type and diabetes.

8. It can improve sleep, and rapidly recover person's physical energy, thereby making the person energetic and vibrant.

9. It can inhibit various diseases caused by bacteria, viruses and fungi e such as tuberculosis, gastritis, beriberi and other symptoms.

10. It can alleviate menopausal symptoms or inflammation, and improve sexual function, and has the same effect on men and women.

11. The propolis has no side effects, so that propolis has priority conditions of long-term use.

Suitable for: immunocompromised persons

Edible method:

Health care dosage: 2 times a day and one capsule once;

Dosage for medium degree or above: Twice a day and two capsules once;