Cordyceps sinensis soft capsule


Specification: 500mgx100 capsules

Edible method: once 1 day and 1-2 capsules once;

[main ingredients] cordycepin, amino acids, sterol, mannitol, alkaloids, vitamin B1, B2, polysaccharides and minerals, etc. According to modern pharmacological studies, Cordyceps sinensis contains about 7%, 25% protein and 8.4% fat, including 28.9% carbohydrates, 12 free amino acids and 18 amino acids from hydrolysate, of which 82.2% are essential saturated fatty acids that can not be synthesized by the human body, among which 8 kinds of amino acids that adults must supply from food are found in Qinghai Cordyceps sinensis, which contains about 7%, 25% and 8.4% of Cordyceps sinensis, which can not be synthesized by human body, 12 kinds of free amino acids and 18 kinds of amino acids in hydrolysate. There is also histidine necessary for the growth and development of young children. In addition, it also contains comprehensive vitamin B 12, ergot alcohol, hexacarbonyl alcohol, alkaloids and so on. Cordyceps sinensis is a traditional valuable medicinal diet tonic in China, which has the functions of tonifying lung and kidney, relieving cough and cough, tonifying deficiency loss and nourishing essence qi. According to clinical research, Cordyceps sinensis has ten functions with the effect of nourishing lung yin, tonifying kidney yang, relieving cough and resolving phlegm, anticancer and anti-aging. In order to replenish yin and yang, there is nothing to avoid (men, women, old and young can eat, is the most extensive supplement for the population, and does not need to avoid mouth, replenish the essence of tonifying the lung and kidney, and the drug is mild. [functional treatment] tonifying deficiency damage, tonifying essence qi, relieving cough and resolving phlegm. 1 antibacterial, 2 immunomodulatory, 3 anti-inflammatory, 4 nourishing kidney, 5 increasing adrenocortical cortisol content, 6 anti-arrhythmia, 7 anti-fatigue, 8 dispelling phlegm and relieving asthma, 9 sedation and hypnosis.